Christopher B Portrait

Produced and Directed by Christopher Beaver and Judy Irving

Floyd and Mae looking thunderstruckJust for fun –

An hour-long fiction film that touches many of the same themes as the IDG Films' documentaries...

In this case, however, the endangered species submitted for your consideration is the last of the old-time diners and its dwindling cast of regulars.

Among them, the two pictured here: Mae the Waitress (played by Mary Matvy) and Floyd the Mechanic (played by Michael E. Stone).

It seems our camera caught them reacting to sights and sounds unseen in their town for many years ... if ever.

OUT OF THE WAY CAFE is both a salute and a farewell to a rural way of life that once existed throughout Northern California...where the out of the way cafe was truly once the warm heart of the town.

The cafe and its small town setting were created as a from a series of locations throughout the San Francisco Bay region. During the editing process we assembled the pieces into a composite whole during the editing.

The film became a portrait of the modern world in the form of malls, freeways, and subdivisions displacing the rural countryside of small towns and farms.

Running time: 51 minutes. In color and black & white.

HiFi Stereo soundtrack with an original music score by Pat Rickey.

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