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Christopher Beaver Urban


Produced and Directed by Christopher Beaver as well as co-produced and co-directed with other filmmakers

Aerial View of River

Tales of the San Joaquin ~ A River Journey

An oral history of California's second largest river, the San Joaquin, called by some the "hardest working river in America" and by others, "the most abused."

Tales of the San Joaquin is available for rental and purchase from Green Planet Films,

These additional motion pictures may be ordered from the Video Project, tel: 1-800-475-2638 or at

Words Projected on Brick Wall

Between Dreams and History,
The Making of Shimon Attie's Public Art Projects

American artist, Shimon Attie, at work in New York City on his latest piece of public art: using lasers to project the memories, dreams, and hopes of Lower East Side residents onto the buildings that surround them.

Eclipse of the Sun

Dark Circle

A powerful, intensely emotional look at the human costs of nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Premiere at the New York Film Festival. Grand Prize at the US Film Festival (now the Sundance Film Festival.) Special Merit Award from the Academy Awards documentary committee. National Emmy Award. Two thumbs up from Siskel and Ebert.

Aftermath of Atomic Bomb

Nagasaki Journey

Rashomon-like look at the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 10, 1945. Features color footage of the bomb's aftermath shown in public for the first time in over fifty years.

This film has been particularly appreciated by World War II veterans who took part in the American military occupation of Nagasaki.

Until now, many relatives and acquaintances could not quite believe that these veterans had actually served in Nagasaki. Several veterans have purchased copies of the film hoping to recognize their own faces or the faces of their buddies in the footage.

Golden Gate Bridge

Secrets of the Bay

Shhh. Not many people realize that San Francisco Bay is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the west coast of the Americas . . . protecting both wild animals and people . . . especially the nutcases who swim from Alcatraz on New Year's Day!


Birds in Flight

Treasures of the Greenbelt

A gorgeous celebration of the undeveloped open space surrounding San Francisco Bay with an Emmy-Award winning music score and a cast of unusual people and unexpected animals.

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