The Making of Shimon Attie's Public Art Projects

"Beautifully rendered . . . fascinating, provocative, and powerful. Don't miss it." ~

Produced and Directed Christopher Beaver
Cinematography Skip Blumberg
Music Pat Rickey
Narrated Michael E. Stone

BETWEEN DREAMS AND HISTORY profiles American-born artist Shimon Attie as he attempts to create an ambitious work of public art in the United States after six years of artistic and public success in Europe.

Although Attie's installations are uniquely conceived for each location, one theme remains in the forefront: how to make human memory visible in the present . . .

Handwriting projected on buildingOn the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Attie conducted writing workshops in Yiddish, English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Then using computers and laser beams, he projected these handwritten memories, hopes, dreams, and even prayers onto the walls and buildings of the neighborhood.

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Original installation produced by Creative Time, Anne Pasternak, Executive Director.

Shimon Attie Cover Story, Art in America

The cover for the six-page article, taken by Attie, documents one of nine underwater panels from Attie's Copenhagen installation, "Portraits of Exile."

As presented in BETWEEN DREAMS AND HISTORY, this hauntingly beautiful installation explored the Danish rescue of their Jewish population during World War II and the present-day arrival of refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere to Denmark.

Installation photographs copyright Shimon Attie.

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