Christopher B Portrait

Produced and Directed by Christopher Beaver and Judy Irving

Golden Gate BridgeSECRETS OF THE BAY is a twenty-eight minute film that reveals the importance of San Francisco Bay as a wildlife habitat...for people as well as their animal cousins.

Take a tour of the Bay and discover its fabulous wildlife hidden among the six million human inhabitants of the Bay's shore:

an endangered peregrin falcon nesting on the Bay Bridge – baby harbor seals learning to navigate through high and low tides – a lovesick bird on a most unlikely "lover's lane" – and a beautiful shorebird ballet of pelicans, avocets with a supporting cast of thousands.

SECRETS OF THE BAY also showcases the human "critters" who revel in the Bay – from the last of the Chinese shrimp fisherman to the fearless (and some would say crazy) swimmers who "escape from Alcatraz" every year on New Year's Day.

Made with the cooperation of Save San Francisco Bay Association.

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